About us

GOLDEN DARTS d.o.o. “CORE BUSINESS” is hardware and software development

History of GOLDEN DARTS d.o.o. goes back to the 1990s. When the CYBERDINE electronic darts project began to develop, and since then GOLDEN DARTS has developed into a leading manufacturer of electronic darts in both Europe and the world as we know it today.

With our own knowledge and development we in GOLDEN DARTS have made a superb electronic darts machine that is made to last and endure countless games.

Main GOLDEN DARTS production project is focused on the development and improvement of electronic darts machines. First of all we wish is that we work with partners to be satisfied in GOLDEN DARTS darts world.

We in GOLDEN DARTS pass our long experience and knowledge to our partners to be successful in continuity. Our business strategy is to make the best hardware and software, and that is the main reason that we have satisfied customers and partners.

Listening to advice, wishes and experiences of our partners improve DARTS machines to fit all the standards.

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